MEDIARô Medical Air Systems

Ultra-Controlo MEDIAR Medical Air Systems have been designed to ensure compliance with the relevant European Pharmacopeia monograph and are built to surpass the requirements of the most comprehensive regulatory including the European Standard ISO 7396-1.

The unique multi-stage purification system Ultratech was one of the first totally integrated units capable to produce breathable air from any compressor. This purification system exceeds the relevant international standards for breathing air and has itself an independent certification complying the European Pharmacopeia for medicinal air quality.

MEDIAR is after all, the smart choice!

A Hospitals medical air supply is a vital life support system that requires absolute reliability. Our MEDIAR is a very special product in the market that is equipped with double dew-point controller in order to guaranty that the air quality delivered to the patients and medical equipments is very safe and permanently fulfilling the standards at the same time that enables you to save a lot in your operating costs as our medical systems controls the regeneration process for achieving the dew-point, so to say, uses just the minimum purging air required to regenerate the desiccant, saving in this case, energy, spares and service to produce your medicinal air.

There is another very important issue concerning our MEDIAR systems. Our filtration cabinet doesnít use dessicant cartridges but dessicant towers as well as carbon monoxide filter tower instead of cartridges. By this way the lifetime before replacement of spares is 3 to 5 times bigger than the current systems available in the market. This also represents a lot of savings as well.

The standards versions are for 10bar or 13bar working pressure. 15 bar versions available upon request.

Here are the medical air systems MEDIARô with the oil-injected screw compressors

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