ULTRAAR® Oil-less Medical Air Systems

Ultra-Controlo is the leading European manufacturer of oil-less medical compressed air plants ULTRAAR. Our ULTRAAR produces the best quality medical air possible with oil-less compressors. The combination of the best worldwide double stage oil-less compressor together with the best air treatment unit that holds itself a breathing air certification, exceeding the European Pharmacopeia monograph, resulted in an amazing benefit to the patients in the hospital facilities.

ULTRAAR Oil-less Medical Compressed Air surpasses all international standards for breathing air and exceeds the relevant European Pharmacopeia monograph and is built according to the European
Standard ISO 7396-1.

European Directive 93/42/EEC
A Hospital producing medicinal air with an ULTRAAR reveals real care for the integrity of patient life and fully compliance with the Essential Requirements for Medical Devices of the European Directive 93/42/EEC Annex I, 7.5 clause II – Requirements Regarding Design and Construction:

The devices must be designed and manufactured in such a way as to reduce to a minimum the risks posed by substances leaking from the device. Special attention shall be given to substances which are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction…”

Hospitals places tremendous risk by using oil injected piston or screw compressors, or even so called “oil-free” tooth compressors, as they all represent the worst solution to who seeks for a clean environment and the best medical air quality to deliver to the hospital medicinal compressed air network.

ULTRAAR® is after all, the best decision!

We believe that health has no price. We offer our ULTRAAR® equipped with the most expensive compressors in the market but, even the most expensive compressor can result in the less cost when compared to the following benefits:

Piece of mind – the out coming air from the compressor is better than the inlet atmospheric air!
Endless lifetime cycle - more than 40 years without having to spend money again in new compressors!

Reduced electric bill – No idle running witch means that compressor stops immediately after achieving the end pressure!

Reduced filter replacements - Just clean air is going through the air treatment unit, resulting therefore in dramatic reduction on spare parts costs!

Our double stage oil-less reciprocating compressor is hand made in the factory. As a result each unit is a state-of-art with a double-check work avoiding assembling mistakes.
All wet parts are iron-free and the construction has an excellent foundry.
All parts designed to easy the service work.

ULTRAAR® unique features

Our unique multi-stage purification system Ultratech, was one of the first unit totally integrated, capable to produce breathable air from any compressor. This purification system exceeds the relevant international standards for breathing air and has it self an independent certification complying the European Pharmacopeia for medicinal air quality.

ULTRAAR® Oil-less Medical Compressed Air plant is equipped with two dew-point controllers in order to guaranty that the air quality delivered to the patients and medical equipments is very safe and permanently fulfilling the standards at the same time that enables you to save a lot in your operating costs as our medical systems controls the regeneration process for achieving the dew-point, so to say, uses just the minimum purging air required to regenerate the desiccant, saving in this case, energy, spares and service, to produce your own medicinal air.

Designation meaning

Here are the standard medical air systems ULTRAAR® constructed with two stage totally oil-less compressors

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