Medical Oxygen Production Plant

ULTRAOX - Medical Oxygen Production Plant

A ULTRAOX® is a high purity oxygen production station or plant designed exclusively for medical use.

As manufacturers, ULTRA-CONTROLO offer complete medical oxygen production, storage and distribution systems for gas networks in hospital environments.

Our vast experience in the engineering and manufacture of medical gas systems allows us to meet your local installation conditions.

Throughout the world, Hospitals understand that the on-site production of oxygen is a highly reliable and economical solution capable of meeting all their oxygen needs.

Eliminate costs of purchasing, reception and monitoring of the oxygen supply source at your hospital. A costly over-storage in reserve capacity, injuries in the manual handling of loads and requests of very expensive emergency cylinders - everything increases the total cost of medical oxygen.

A ULTRAOX® medical oxygen production plants can supply a direct line of oxygen to the hospital building, simultaneously filling the sets of high pressure oxygen cylinders to serve as a back-up and/or cover additional supply during peak demands.

ULTRA CONTROLO is qualified to build and install complete turn-key medical oxygen production plants throughout the world.

Our medical oxygen production system, A ULTRAOX®, is fully automatic and easy to maintain, producing a continuous flow of high purity oxygen.


A modest capital investment in our ULTRAOX® oxygen production station may result in a reduction of up to 80% of your total annual costs of bottled or cryogenic oxygen.

Our concentrator has more than 40 innovation patents and ULTRAOX® has one of the lowest specific consumption on the market, meaning that Ultraox consumes only about 0.8 kW per m3 of medical O2 produced.

In our experience, ULTRAOX® pays for itself within a short amount of time and, in many cases, in less than one year.

All you need is short-term credit and you will see ULTRAOX® produce an incredible return on the investment!

We will be proud to use our knowledge and wide experience for your benefit!

Oxygen with 95% purity for a safe use

ULTRAOX is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO, HTM standards and can be configured to meet other requirements such as CE, ASME, NEMA, ANSI and CSA.

The oxygen produced by ULTRAOX meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XXI Oxygen at 93% Monograph as well as European and other Pharmacopeia.

Continuous monitoring of purity and flow

All of our medical oxygen production systems are equipped with a continuous monitoring board.
This device ensures that the purity of the oxygen and the CO and CO2 concentration remain within the acceptable limits.

Fully automatic

ULTRA CONTROLO may design and install a medical oxygen production plant with the suitable reserve, monitoring and alarm system capacities to meet local safety requirements.
In the unlikely case of a production line deviating from your pre-established parameters, the system automatically switches to the second source of oxygen supply. The alarm system warns of any problem so that the respective correction may be carried out. An optional tele-surveillance package allows ULTRA-CONTROLO or client engineers to remotely monitor the plant and proceed with routine maintenance or corrective actions, if needed.
Our stations can be operated by normal hospital technicians, without the need for great know-how or special training.

Specialised technical assistance

If you have doubts, or need support, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experienced engineers to advise you and propose solutions which best fit your needs.

Meaning of the designation

We indicate the list of standard ULTRAOX® medical oxygen production plants.

Standard capacities available: 45 to 3945 l/min and taylor-made solutions!

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