ULTRAVAC® Medical Vacuum Systems

Ultra-Controlo has been one of the first manufacturers giving 5 years or 30.000 hours full warranty for the blades of our pumps and later to the complete ULTRAVAC Medical Vacuum Plants.

Our ULTRAVAC complies with the International Standards ISO 7396-1 and are certified as medical devices according to European Directive 93/42/EEC. We are able to build the system to comply with special requirements and other standards.

Intuitive large colored touch-screen display

ULTRAVAC integrates digital technology with innovative touch screen large colored 5,7” display and microprocessor controllers. It is very easy to use and share the information. You can get SMS text and emails alerts. The system informs you with sufficient time to plan or order the different maintenance routines required on it. You can record and download to your portable PC up to 2 Gb of text information with all what have happen with your ULTRAVAC supply system during a year or more. It can be connected to a central management system as it uses MODBUS or PROFIBUS communication protocols.

Different languages
Touch screen 5,7” colored display

Vacuum pumps with new design

Our new Elmo-Rietsche vacuum pumps VC series, were totally redesigned in the factory in order to offer even more easy maintenance. There are no screws to loosen and no need of gaskets or special tools. Maintenance never has been so easy now!

Easy installation and comissioning

Also the control box is designed in such a way that we use oversized contactors and well-known brands like Schneider, Telemecanique or Siemens components. The box has enough space and connections are ready to pass the cables for external signals. You don’t need to use drilling tools in our system. All is made thinking on you. Installation and commissioning is very simple in our ULTRAVAC.

Pump technologies available for medical vacuum supply systems:

ULTRAVAC® OLP oil lubricated vane pumps
ULTRAVAC® DRP dry running vane pumps
ULTRAVAC® CLP dry running claw pumps
ULTRAVAC® LRP liquid ring pumps

Note: The ULTRAVAC® standard version is constructed with oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps.
DRP, CLP or LRP versions shall be mentioned when requesting medical vacuum systems with these pump technologies.

Different electric motor versions, voltage and frequency are all available under request.

Designation meaning

Here are the standard ULTRAVAC® with oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps

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